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Biology lab in the kitchen!

The human body is an incredible machine. Though far from being perfect, we have evolved to what we are today through a process that took millions of years of mutation and natural selection.

There is one little piece of us, though, that holds the secret to our existence, and the history of our species: The DNA.

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Water is dense. Alcohol is Dense. But they’re not the same density, no siree. They’re differently densed. Which means we can use that to our advantage. And we do, in this experiment.

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If I sail a ship to the far far seas, continue on, and on, and on and– well, you got the point. Where will I find myself? Well, if I travel in a more-or-less straight line (ignoring weather or geography, or time constraints, or my pending homework) I will end up right where I started. Why? Because the Earth is round. Duh.

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It’s Goo! It’s Solid! It’s Goo! It’s Solid! It’s— both???

My mom always told me never to play with my food, but in this case, I think even she will agree to make an exception. Not only am I going to play with this food, you should too. It’s way too fun to pass on.

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All super-thieves know that lasers go straight. It’s the tenet of their masterplan to jump over, crawl under and squeeze between those annoying laser beams around whatever-it-is they are interested in stealing. It can take them weeks to study the angles and train to spray dust over it so they can see them. Talented thieves.

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We’re SmarterThanThat

The scientific method is all around you, and you use it without even noticing. Science can be fun, interesting and engaging; you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy understanding the world around you. Read More...

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