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If youhappen to have a facebook account, you might be interested to hear that there is a brand new SmarterThanThat project page on facebook! New, shiny and cool!

I hope this will give the project a bit more exposure, and give me another method of updating you about new and exciiiiting things that are about to happen to the website, as well as new experiment videos!

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And spread the word!

If you’ve noticed a video came up and then vanished, you’re not delirious.

I uploaded the new SmarterThanThat experiment video, but the quality was SOOOOO bad, I had to take it down. I am re-rendering the video now and it will be up as soon as YouTube allows for it.

ApologiesĀ  – but I promise it’s worth the wait!



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Yes, I’m in Vegas, and contrary to common belief, this time what goes on in Vegas is not going to stay in Vegas – why, you ask? Well, because I’m here, and I’m tellin’.

We’ve just finished a busy-busy day full of amazing presentations, including a live recording of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (Which I only wittnessed the end of, trying to figure out my way into the lecture hall, <sigh>), Openning words by James Randi, a great debunk of homeopathy by Dr Ben Goldacre, an uber-amazing presentation by Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson and a CSI presentation by Alec Jason, who helped James Randi expose Peter Popoff’s “tricks”.

I’ve also met (finally, face to face!) Richard Saunders (Australia Mystery Investigators and Tank Vodcast) and Phil Plait (The Bad Astronomer).

So — TAM6 is still ongoing, and I already have another surprise up my sleeve that involves Richard Saunders and a very cool hushhush surprise for the attendees of TAM and the readers of the blog. So stay tuned for a definite awesomeness.

For those of you who are here in Vegas at the convention – look me up! You can write to me on the site, or by mail: moo [at] smarterthanthat [dot] com and we’ll get together for a beer. Or somethin’ šŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for more Amazingness!


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So I have been gone for a bit, but I had a good excuse – it’s the end of my semester – and you know what comes at the end of the semester, don’t you? No no.. before the resting time.. No.. after the week of last-classes… Before the partying— yes! That’s right.


So, it seems like it’s going to be some quality time for me with Multivariable Calculus books (whoopie..), Electricity and Magnetism (<sigh>), and some computing books.


But! Fear not! I shall come back twice as strong and double the enthusiasm – and I have a few experiments already planned and ready for you. Also, I owe you a correction video for the last “sucking” experiment.

By the way, if you are also students and facing the end of your semesters and some final exams, I have a tip taht may save your day: MIT is giving out free education!

MIT Open Courseware is probably the greatest online reference for final-exam studying. Other than notes and summaries, they also have some courses with full video lecture series. My physics improved greatly after watching Walter Lewin’s “Electricity and Magnetism” lecture series.

I definitely recommend this for everyone!

Also, make sure you sign up for “The Amazing Meeting 6” (TAM6) – a great science and skepticism convention. This year the subject is “Modern Skepticism in the Internet Age”, so if you’re reading this (on the internet) you’re probably going to enjoy it. And of course, there are great presenters planned, like Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson, Dr Michael Shermer, PZ Myers (from “Pharyngula” blog), Phil Plait (The Bad Astronomer), Richard Saunders (“TANK Vodcast“) and more and more and more.

And of course, I’m coming too, so if you’re up for a beer (or a cup of coffee), send me a note to moo [at] smarterthanthat [dot] com
So – Sorry about that, but I will see you soon. I promise. Only a little bit to the end of finals (and I have 2 huge ones at the same week, egh)…
See you soon!

Hello to all curious SmarterThanThat readers!

Just before another experiment comes out for this week, I must share one piece of news that is extremely exciting: The TANK Vodcast, a great skeptical podcast with Richard Saunders and Stefan Sojka as hosts, has featured SmarterThanThat with an interview with me, in its last episode for the season!

The episode is online here, or in the “Media Mentions” page. Also, they’re worth a subscription. Really!

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