This tool is meant to accompany my post about a Practical Test for Astrology. You can compare the force with the force applied by the planets, and decide for yourself if this claim by astrologers holds any merit.
This was initially meant to measure the force on a baby, but due to popular demand, I increased the range of the mass to include a full grown person, so you can measure the force from random objects - on Earth or off it - on yourselves! Share your findings in the comments and with your friends!

G * (Mass of Person) * (Mass of Object)
Mass of the Person:
Default value: 3.6 kg (baby)
Use the arrows to pick accurate values.
Mass of the Object:
x10^ Kg
From the person to the object's center of mass
x10^ meters
Total Force
Share your findings in the comments and compare them to what astrologers are claiming!