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Sex in Space: Physical Action and Reaction

Intimacy is important, and usually involves quite a lot of close contact. On earth that contact is held in place (literally) by gravity. Horizontal or vertical, your body is affected by gravity, and the friction that exists between the bed and your feet (or hands, or knees, or face, or pinky, whichever organ you use to balance yourself while you’re in the mood for dancin’) keeps you from moving anywhere other than where you intend to.  In space, however, things are much different.

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Astrology, a Practical Test: Objects That Affect You at Birth

I usually don’t like making grandiose statements ahead of myself, like “Astrology is totally unscientific”, because I prefer leaving the benefit of the doubt until I check the claim. In the case of Astrology, however, there’s no use pretending.

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We’re SmarterThanThat

The scientific method is all around you, and you use it without even noticing. Science can be fun, interesting and engaging; you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy understanding the world around you. Read More...

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