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Goofing around with Non-Newtonian [Goo] Fluid

It’s Goo! It’s Solid! It’s Goo! It’s Solid! It’s— both???

My mom always told me never to play with my food, but in this case, I think even she will agree to make an exception. Not only am I going to play with this food, you should too. It’s way too fun to pass on.

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An Otherwise Straight Beam of Light…

All super-thieves know that lasers go straight. It’s the tenet of their masterplan to jump over, crawl under and squeeze between those annoying laser beams around whatever-it-is they are interested in stealing. It can take them weeks to study the angles and train to spray dust over it so they can see them. Talented thieves.

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We’re SmarterThanThat

The scientific method is all around you, and you use it without even noticing. Science can be fun, interesting and engaging; you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy understanding the world around you. Read More...

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