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Are You on a Low Fact Diet?

Most people don’t know very much. (Now tell me, if I had guessed that your reaction to that opening would be an initial nodding agreement quickly fading to the realization that it might include you, too, would I have been right?)

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Richard Saunders in 3D (and 2D): Testing the Shroud of Turin

If you’ve been following my skeptical adventures, you know I have attended the Amazing Meeting 6 (organized by the James Randi Educational Foundation) about a month ago in Las Vegas. Not only have I had a blast and met lots of wonderful people, but I also had the privilege of doing a LIVE experiment with none other than Australian Skeptic’s Richard Saunders.

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Interview at The Tank Vodcast!

Hello to all curious SmarterThanThat readers!

Just before another experiment comes out for this week, I must share one piece of news that is extremely exciting: The TANK Vodcast, a great skeptical podcast with Richard Saunders and Stefan Sojka as hosts, has featured SmarterThanThat with an interview with me, in its last episode for the season!

The episode is online here, or in the “Media Mentions” page. Also, they’re worth a subscription. Really!

We’re SmarterThanThat

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