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Fish tank, Stationary

This summer I had the distinct privilege of participating in an internship for the Society of Physics Students and the American Institute of Physics. I’m working with the American Physical Society (APS) in their Outreach department, on a (VERY VERY COOL) project called “PhysicsQuest“.

I’ll expand on PhysicsQuest and why it’s so awesomely cool in a separate post (which it deserves). For now, I want to discuss a rather amusing incident that happened the other day at the office.

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This semester I started tutoring in the physics and math study center. I am the only “pure” physics tutor – the rest of the tutors are mathematicians or engineers who feel very comfortable with mathematics (justly so, they’re all quite awesome). Most of them shy away from physics problems, though, letting me – and a handful of other tutors – deal with the dreaded subject.

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Farmions Calculator

Anyone who’s got any business to do with physics or math – from relatively low level like homework, to higher level calculations – knows the occasional frustration of having to solve a physical equation involving constants.

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Picture by joelwillis via Flickr

I usually don’t like making grandiose statements ahead of myself, like “Astrology is totally unscientific”, because I prefer leaving the benefit of the doubt until I check the claim. In the case of Astrology, however, there’s no use pretending.

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Losing Weight - Losing Mass!

I love “The Biggest Loser“, I watch it weekly and although I am not really doing all their workouts, watching these men and women train hard and transform their lives inspires me to get my buttocks off my computer chair and move myself to the gym too. It’s a great show, really.

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We’re SmarterThanThat

The scientific method is all around you, and you use it without even noticing. Science can be fun, interesting and engaging; you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy understanding the world around you. Read More...

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